Getting Started


Thank you for downloading our app. Here are some quick recommendations:

1. Are you a meditation beginner? Then watch this 5 minute video to get a quick introduction

2. Make sure you set a daily reminder (go to Settings > Reminders) do build your meditation habit. If you are a beginner, we recommend to start with just 30 seconds a day, right after you get up and/or right before you go to sleep. Just breathe in and out a couple of times. To do it daily is more important than the total duration. Build a habit and increase the duration over time.

3. Customize the app: Choose your favorite beginning & ending bells. Adjust the Delay/Countdown (go to Timer > Beginning Bell > Scroll down), adjust the Timer Background (go to Settings > Background). Save your favorite Timer settings as a preset and rename the preset by editing it (go to Timer > Presets)

4. Register an account: The only way to keep your stats and in-app-purchases safe is to register an account. It also makes sure that you have access to your stats from multiple devices.

5. Log sessions manually: If you meditate without using the app, for example when meditating with your local meditation group, we recommend to log those sessions manually (go to Timer > Log session)

6. Add notes: When saving or logging sessions, we recommend to add notes. This serves as a meditation diary and has proven to be very valuable for many of our users. Don't worry about your privacy, you can choose yourself whether the note should be private or public.

7. Public feed: Check out who else was meditating with you by visiting the public feed. Sometimes you have been sitting with multiple people from around the world (go to Community > World)

8. Add Friends: The great masters say that you cannot sustain meditation on your own. That's why peer support is important. See who else of your contacts or Facebook friends is using the app and connect with them (go to Community > Add friends)

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